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So about a month ago I posted to the #YesAllWomen hashtag on twitter & spoke openly as a rape victim. When I did this, I got inundated with a ton of harassment & rape threats.



Most of the time my response would be to block & report, but once in a while I’d take a screenshot of what the person said & then reply telling them to fuck off eternally into the night, etc. One of the people who harassed me for speaking up about my rape happened to be a 13 year old kid. I did not know this, because I was getting hundreds of replies & I don’t thoroughly investigate every account with 15 followers that responds to me with bullshit. I responded with this scathing little gem 


& then a follower of mine, I guess looked at this person’s account & saw it was a kid who had recently posted a link to his personal facebook. The kid’s entire timeline at that time was him responding to/trolling the #YesAllWomen hashtag, arguing with rape victims & condemning feminism, you know, because that’s the world we live in right now. So this guy, crushingbort responded to a separate tweet the kid made about how comedians who make rape jokes are totally cool, & he posted a picture of the kid hugging his cat from his facebook, saying something like, “Joshua, you should really lock your facebook” or something. I thought this was hilarious because honestly, if you’re big boy enough to harass rape victims for being raped, you’re big boy enough to deal with the consequences. I had nothing to do with this, though. Then, about a month later, some pathetic Men’s Rights Activists found this exchange & went fucking ballistic, focusing all their rage on me, saying I “sexually harassed a child”, that I “doxxed a child” (I had nothing to do with the posting of his photo, but that’s not even doxxing at all, the kid himself said this). They went on a crusade against me using this kid as a flimsy excuse because they hate women & want to punish them. I received a ton of rape threats & even death threats.





I had to lock my twitter account to slow it down because I was getting about 4 per minute. They posted my personal information on 4chan & apparently attempted to post my little sister’s information too, but that was a tip I got & I didn’t see it anywhere so I’m not sure if it really happened. I started reporting all the threats to the FBI & got set up with a civil rights attorney, but a judge said I wouldn’t get the result I was hoping for unless the threats were “more direct”, like mentioning my location within the threat, my personal information within the threat, etc. 

The kid himself knows that these MRAs are using him as an excuse to persecute women for whatever reason, & has told them to lay off, but you can’t reason with these idiots. 


I’ve started ignoring it & they’ve eased up on the threats & have moved on to filing false reports with the Houston police department trying to say that I’m a pedophile or a child abuser & trying to blackmail me for being a child abuser or some shit, but that doesn’t bother me because it’s obviously all false. 

So essentially, this is just what women with a voice have to deal with online. This is all because I spoke up about rape & being a rape victim, & this is just what I have to expect now. If I get any other threats that are “direct enough”, I’ll definitely jump on pursuing it legally, but until then, this is just what I’m dealing with. NEAT, HUH?!!?!?

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hahhaahah i watched you do this

hahhaahah i watched you do this

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"A New York City real estate heir who admitted killing his neighbor a decade ago in Texas is facing a new charge in Houston that accuses him of urinating on candy at a drug store.

In 2001, Durst was arrested as a fugitive and admitted killing his neighbor and dumping the remains in Galveston Bay. He claimed self-defense and was acquitted of homicide charges. Durst’s family runs The Durst Organization, a privately held billion-dollar real estate company that owns several New York skyscrapers."

Courtesy of Fox 13 Tampa Bay.  

Holy shit, this guy’s Wikipedia page is fucking crazy. First of all, his wife has been “disappeared” for the last 18 years.  Also a lady who was his long-time friend who was believed to have knowledge of his wife’s “disappearance” was found murdered “execution-style”— “Durst was questioned in both cases but not charged.”  So, there’s that.

He then moved to Texas in 2000 and “began cross-dressing to divert attention from the disappearance” of his wife.  Then, they started finding body parts of his elderly neighbor in Galveston Bay.  He gets arrested, released on bail, becomes Ameria’s first “Billion-dollar fugitive” until he gets caught at a Wegmans in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania “trying to steal a chicken sandwich and a Band-Aid, even though he had $500 cash in his pocket. A police search of his rented car yielded $37,000 in cash, two guns, marijuana and [his murder victim’s] driver’s license.”  Then, he goes on trial, admits “to using a paring knife, two saws and an axe to dismember" his neighbor’s body, but claims he shot his elderly neighbor in the face in self-defense, and a Texas jury buys it and acquits him!  He gets some minor amount of time because of “destroying evidence” (i.e. dismembering his neighbor’s body), gets parole almost immediately, and then violates parole almost immediately.  His own brother: “He’ll kill again, I have no doubt, the question is who is next?”

Then, he bought a townhouse in Harlem (located next to a mortuary!) and now he publicly urinates on candy.  Because ha ha he’s rich and this is America.

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Back on my Tumblr game… Emma Appleton photographed by me for Agent Provocateur in London, June 2014


sext (does it look like i just came)

sext (does it look like i just came)


"give your daughters difficult names. give your daughters names that command the full use of tongue. my name makes you want to tell me the truth. my name doesn’t allow me to trust anyone that cannot pronounce it right"
— Warsan Shire (via spinals)

Daisy & Elizabeth ~ Bridal SS2014 ~ ’Pearl’ Underwire Body & Fringe Kimono Robe


Daisy & Elizabeth ~ Bridal SS2014 ~ ’Pearl’ Underwire Body & Fringe Kimono Robe